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Volume 12, Issue 13, 04 September 2018

Volume 12, Issue 13

04 September 2018

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    • Two-stage unscented Kalman filter algorithm for fault estimation in spacecraft attitude control system
      Robust protection scheme against cyber-physical attacks in power systems
      Robust sideslip angle observer with regional stability constraint for an uncertain singular intelligent vehicle system
      Observer-based output feedback compensator design for linear parabolic PDEs with local piecewise control and pointwise observation in space
      Effect of noise on the solutions of non-linear delay systems
      Saturated adaptive sliding mode control for autonomous vessel landing of a quadrotor
      Less conservative output-feedback tracking control design for polynomial fuzzy systems
      Optimally distributed formation control with obstacle avoidance for mixed-order multi-agent systems under switching topologies
      Adaptive integral sliding mode control fault tolerant control for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems
      On the coupling of model predictive control and robust Kalman filtering
      Decomposition and robust non-fragile stabilisation of singular time-delay systems

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