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Volume 12, Issue 10, 03 July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 10

03 July 2018

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    • Adaptive quantised control of switched stochastic strict-feedback non-linear systems with asymmetric input saturation
      Terminal adaptive output feedback variable structure control
      Computationally efficient model predictive control for a class of linear parameter-varying systems
      Formation control with collision avoidance for uncertain networked Lagrangian systems via adaptive gain techniques
      Stable adaptive NSOF domain FOPID controller for a class of non-linear systems
      Air–fuel ratio control of lean-burn SI engines using the LPV-based fuzzy technique
      New results on robust stability analysis and synthesis for MIMO uncertain systems
      Chain observer for Lipschitz non-linear systems with long time-varying delayed measurements
      Adaptive integral sliding-mode control strategy of data-driven cyber-physical systems against a class of actuator attacks
      Adaptive fuzzy control for a marine vessel with time-varying constraints
      Distributed state estimation for a stochastic linear hybrid system over a sensor network
      LPV model identification with an unknown scheduling variable in the presence of missing observations – a robust global approach
      Parametric system identification and robust controller design for liquid–liquid heat exchanger system
      Sliding mode control for polynomial fuzzy singular systems with time delay

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