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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 11, Issue 9, 02 June 2017

Volume 11, Issue 9

02 June 2017

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    • Optimal control for networked control systems with disturbances: a delta operator approach
      Discrete-time sliding mode control with an input filter for an electro-hydraulic actuator
      Stability analysis for a class of switched systems under perturbations with applications to consensus
      Event-triggered control for linear systems with actuator saturation and disturbances
      Decentralised adaptive robust control schemes of uncertain large-scale time-delay systems with multiple unknown dead-zone inputs
      Fault-tolerant control of non-linear systems based on adaptive virtual actuator
      Optimal model distributions in supervisory adaptive control
      L stability from disturbance to output of linear delay systems via impulsive control" >Finite-gain stability from disturbance to output of linear delay systems via impulsive control
      Distributed observer-based cooperative control for output regulation in multi-agent linear parameter-varying systems
      Identification of dual-rate sampled systems with time delay subject to load disturbance
      Improved adaptive backstepping sliding mode control for generator steam valves of non-linear power systems
      Square-root Kalman-like filters for estimation of stiff continuous-time stochastic systems with ill-conditioned measurements
      Reinforcement learning control of a single-link flexible robotic manipulator
      Stability analysis of non-linear time-varying systems by Lyapunov functions with indefinite derivatives
      Fault tolerance in switched ASMs with intermittent faults
      Adaptive cooperative formation-containment control for networked Euler–Lagrange systems without using relative velocity information
    • Stabilisation of locally Lipschitz non-linear systems under input saturation and quantisation
      Smooth controller design for non-linear systems using multiple fixed models
      H control of polynomial systems based on a sum-of-square analysis" >Input-delay approach to sampled-data control of polynomial systems based on a sum-of-square analysis
      Rotor speed, load torque and parameters estimations of a permanent magnet synchronous motor using extended observer forms

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