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Volume 11, Issue 18, 15 December 2017

Volume 11, Issue 18

15 December 2017

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    • Recent advances on state estimation for power grids with unconventional measurements
    • State-feedback controller design for disturbance decoupling of Boolean control networks
      Finite-time boundedness and stabilisation of switched linear systems using event-triggered controllers
      Distributed optimal integrated tracking control for separate kinematic and dynamic uncertain non-holonomic mobile mechanical multi-agent systems
      Integral-based event-triggered PD control for systems with network-induced delay using a quadratic generalised free-weighting matrix inequality
      Asynchronous output regulation with passivity control for a class of switched stochastic delay systems
      Linear representation of symmetric games
      Model predictive control synthesis for constrained Markovian jump linear systems with bounded disturbance
      Robust optimal filtering for linear time-varying systems with stochastic uncertainties
      Observer-based event-triggered control for consensus of general linear MASs
      Bipartite consensus of integrator multi-agent systems with measurement noise
      Adaptive decentralised control of fluid networks with random disturbances
      Predictor-based output feedback control design for sampled systems with input delay subject to disturbance
      Reduced modelling and fixed-order control of delay systems applied to a heat exchanger
      Optimal linear filtering design for discrete-time systems with cross-correlated stochastic parameter matrices and noises
      Exponential consensus of non-linear multi-agent systems with semi-Markov switching topologies
    • Adaptive synchronisation for a class of output-coupling complex networks with output feedback nodes
      A triple-step non-linear control for path following of autonomous vehicles with uncertain kinematics and dynamics
      Robust attitude tracking with exponential convergence
      A novel approach to control synthesis of positive switched systems

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