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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 11, Issue 17, 24 November 2017

Volume 11, Issue 17

24 November 2017

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    • Secure estimation for cyber-physical systems under adversarial actuator attacks
      Adaptive tube-based model predictive control for linear systems with parametric uncertainty
      control for networked stochastic non-linear systems with randomly occurring sensor saturations, multiple delays and packet dropouts
      Backstepping-based boundary feedback control for a fractional reaction diffusion system with mixed or Robin boundary conditions
      Event-triggered non-fragile filtering of linear systems with a structure separated approach
      Active target defence differential game: fast defender case
      Adaptive neural dynamic surface control of output constrained non-linear systems with unknown control direction
      Robust output feedback fault-tolerant control of non-linear multi-agent systems based on wavelet neural networks
      Decentralised adaptive control of a class of hidden leader–follower non-linearly parameterised coupled MASs
      Identification method of neuro-fuzzy-based Hammerstein model with coloured noise
      Accepting performance degradation analysis of switched systems
      Decentralised fault-tolerant control of tethered spacecraft formation: an interconnected system approach
      Wind turbine control based on a modified model predictive control scheme for linear parameter-varying systems
      Time-weighted MR for switched LPV systems via balanced realisation
      Sliding mode control for non-linear networked control systems subject to packet disordering via prediction method
      Digital control and sampling period assignment of multiple plants in networked control systems
      On-line aerodynamic identification of quadrotor and its application to tracking control
      Robust output-feedback finite-time regulator of systems with mismatched uncertainties bounded by positive functions
      Observer-based adaptive fuzzy dynamic surface control of non-linear non-strict feedback system
      Backstepping control of sandwich-like non-linear systems with deadzone non-linearity
      Petri type 2 fuzzy neural networks approximator for adaptive control of uncertain non-linear systems
      I–PD controller for integrating plus time-delay processes
      Parameterisation of a special class of saturated controllers and application to mechanical systems
      Membership-Function-Dependent Stability Analysis of Interval Type-2 Polynomial Fuzzy-Model-Base Control Systems
    • High gain observer design for fractional-order non-linear systems with delayed measurements: application to synchronisation of fractional-order chaotic systems
      Fault-tolerant formation control of non-linear multi-vehicle systems with application to quadrotors
      Control scheme for LTI systems with Lipschitz non-linearity and unknown time-varying input delay
      Consensus for non-linear multi-agent systems modelled by PDEs based on spatial boundary communication
      Consensus of second-order multi-agents with actuator saturation and asynchronous time-delays
      Robust control for a class of non-linear discrete time-delay systems with controller failure: a probability-dependent method

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