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Volume 11, Issue 15, 13 October 2017

Volume 11, Issue 15

13 October 2017

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    • Observer-based non-linear H attitude control for a flexible satellite
      Improved discrete-time Kalman filtering within singular value decomposition
      Finite-time robust fuzzy control for non-linear Markov jump systems under aperiodic sampling and actuator constraints
      Exponential stabilisation of stochastic memristive neural networks under intermittent adaptive control
      Robust higher-order ILC for non-linear discrete-time systems with varying trail lengths and random initial state shifts
      Fault tolerant shape control for particulate process systems under simultaneous actuator and sensor faults
      Finite-time event-triggered consensus for non-linear multi-agent networks under directed network topology
      Distributed adaptive consensus protocols for linearly coupled Lur'e systems over a directed topology
      H -constrained incentive Stackelberg games for discrete-time stochastic systems with multiple followers " >-constrained incentive Stackelberg games for discrete-time stochastic systems with multiple followers
      Differential games, continuous Lyapunov functions, and stabilisation of non-linear dynamical systems
      State estimation-based distributed model predictive control of large-scale networked systems with communication delays
      On delay-dependent algebraic Riccati equation
      Model predictive control for pre-compensated voltage mode controlled DC–DC converters
      Optimal harvesting strategies for stochastic ecosystems
      Event-based model-free adaptive control for discrete-time non-linear processes
      Adaptive output feedback tracking control for switched non-strict-feedback non-linear systems with unknown control direction and asymmetric saturation actuators
      Distributed optimisation of second-order multi-agent systems by control algorithm using position-only interaction with time-varying delay
      Saturation-aware control design for micro–nano positioning systems
      Consensus of discrete-time linear multi-agent systems with event-based dynamic feedback scheme
      Transverse function approach to practical stabilisation of underactuated surface vessels with modelling uncertainties and unknown disturbances
      Distributed finite-time formation tracking control of multi-agent systems via FTSMC approach
      Parameter estimation of the fractional-order Hammerstein–Wiener model using simplified refined instrumental variable fractional-order continuous time
      Model predictive control of hypersonic vehicles accommodating constraints
      Event-triggered distributed dynamic state estimation with imperfect measurements over a finite horizon

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