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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 11, Issue 12, 11 August 2017

Volume 11, Issue 12

11 August 2017

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    • On the internal stability of non-linear dynamic inversion: application to flight control
      Stochastic model predictive tracking of piecewise constant references for LPV systems
      Necessary and sufficient conditions for linear strong structural controllability and observability of n-link underactuated planar robot with multiple active intermediate links
      State-dependent intermittent control of non-linear systems
      Actuator fault diagnosis of singular delayed LPV systems with inexact measured parameters via PI unknown input observer
      Sampled-data reliable control for T–S fuzzy semi-Markovian jump system and its application to single-link robot arm model
      Stabilisation of switched systems with sampled and quantised output feedback
      Cooperative control of multi-agent systems with variable number of tracking agents
      Cooperative robust containment control for general discrete-time multi-agent systems with external disturbance
      Towards an improved gain scheduling predictive control strategy for a solar thermal power plant
      Command filter-based adaptive fuzzy backstepping control for a class of switched non-linear systems with input quantisation
      Output integral sliding mode fault tolerant control scheme for LPV plants by incorporating control allocation
      Criteria for robust finite-time stabilisation of linear singular systems with interval time-varying delay
      Time-varying control for exponential stabilisation of the Brockett integrator
      Analytical solutions to the matrix inequalities in the robust control scheme based on implicit Lyapunov function for spacecraft rendezvous on elliptical orbit
      pth moment exponential stabilisation of hybrid stochastic differential equations by feedback controls based on discrete-time state observations with a time delay
      Sufficient conditions for domain stabilisability of uncertain fractional-order systems under static-output feedbacks

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