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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 11, Issue 11, 14 July 2017

Volume 11, Issue 11

14 July 2017

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    • Guest Editorial
      Resource efficient stochastic predictive control under packet dropouts
      L 2 stability for uncertain linear systems" >Combined event- and self-triggered control approach with guaranteed finite-gain stability for uncertain linear systems
      Event-based state estimation: an emulation-based approach
      Event-triggered control for continuous-time switched linear systems
      L 2 -gain in networks with directed topologies" >Event-triggered consensus with guaranteed -gain in networks with directed topologies
      Event-triggered consensus of non-linear multi-agent systems with sampling data and time delay
      Mode-dependent robust stability and stabilisation of uncertain networked control systems via an average dwell time switching approach
      New state estimators and communication protocol for distributed event-triggered consensus of linear multi-agent systems with bounded perturbations
      H 2 norm" >Security analysis of cyber-physical systems using norm
      Robust detection and reconstruction of state and sensor attacks for cyber-physical systems using sliding modes
      Co-design of stabilisation and transmission scheduling for wireless control systems
      Online weight design for distributed filtering with limited power
      Distributed containment control of Euler–Lagrange systems over directed graphs via distributed continuous controllers
      Collaborative processing in distributed control for resource constrained systems
      Distributed output feedback model predictive control for a team of coupled linear subsystems
      Distributed algorithm for dynamic economic power dispatch with energy storage in smart grids
      Distributed intrusion detection based on hybrid gene expression programming and cloud computing in a cyber physical power system
      Hardware architecture and optimisation of FPP particle PHD filter for multi-target tracking in cyber-physical systems
      Received signal strength indicator-based decentralised control for robust long-range aerial networking using directional antennas

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