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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 10, Issue 8, 16 May 2016

Volume 10, Issue 8

16 May 2016

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    • Flocking of multi-agent systems with multiple second-order uncoupled linear dynamics and virtual leader
      Multi-tracking control of heterogeneous multi-agent systems with single-input– single-output based on complex frequency domain analysis
      Eigenstructure assignment and impulse elimination for singular second-order system via feedback control
      Distributed output feedback consensus tracking prescribed performance control for a class of non-linear multi-agent systems with unknown disturbances
      Analytical design of a generalised predictor-based control scheme for low-order integrating and unstable systems with long time delay
      Filtering-based iterative identification for multivariable systems
      Detection of intermittent faults for linear stochastic systems subject to time-varying parametric perturbations
      Mean-square filtering for polynomial discrete-time systems with Poisson noises
      Adjoint operator-based isomorphism realisation and control design for non-linear systems
      Further improvement in delay-dependent finite-time stability criteria for uncertain continuous-time systems with time-varying delays
      Deadlock and blockage control for manufacturing systems with failure-prone workstations
      Stochastic model predictive control based on Gaussian processes applied to drinking water networks
      Lyapunov-based control of a tethered satellite system

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