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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 10, Issue 18, 12 December 2016

Volume 10, Issue 18

12 December 2016

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    • Adaptive fuzzy fault-tolerant control for a class of unknown non-linear dynamical systems
      Approximate controllability of infinite dimensional system with internal damping dependent on fractional powers of system operator
      Robust closed loop reference MRAC with PI compensator
      Active disturbance rejection in switched neutral-delay systems based on equivalent-input-disturbance approach
      Aperiodic disturbance rejection in a modified repetitive-control system with non-linear uncertainty
      Anti-windup for a class of partially linearisable non-linear systems with application to wave energy converter control
      Sampled-data design for robust control of open two-level quantum systems with operator errors
      Adaptive output feedback fault-tolerant control for MIMO non-affine non-linear systems based on disturbance observer
      Adaptive fuzzy decentralised fault-tolerant control for uncertain non-linear large-scale systems with unknown time-delay
      Design of robust fractional-order lead–lag controller for uncertain systems
      Fault estimation filter design for discrete-time Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy systems
      Observer-based event-triggered control co-design for linear systems
      Magnitude–frequency responses of fractional order systems: properties and subsequent results
      Stability of neutral type fractional delay systems and its relation with stability of time-delay and discrete systems
      Stability and steady-state analysis of distributed cooperative droop controlled DC microgrids
      Fixed-time stabilisation and consensus of non-holonomic systems
      Performance analysis of the generalised projection identification for time-varying systems
      Distributed consensus of non-linear fractional-order multi-agent systems with directed topologies
      Static corrective control for asynchronous sequential machines and its application to on-board computers
      Closed-form smoothers and shapers with distributed delay for damped oscillatory modes

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