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Volume 10, Issue 17, 21 November 2016

Volume 10, Issue 17

21 November 2016

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    • Time-varying threshold-based fault detection for a class of uncertain non-linear systems in strict-feedback form
      Adaptive iterative learning reliable control for a class of non-linearly parameterised systems with unknown state delays and input saturation
      l 2 l filtering for networked fuzzy systems with Markov jump parameters over a finite-time interval " >On asynchronous filtering for networked fuzzy systems with Markov jump parameters over a finite-time interval
      Structured robust controller design via non-smooth mixed μ synthesis
      Event-triggered output tracking control for wireless networked control systems with communication delays and data dropouts
      Model reference adaptive control for switched LPV systems and its application
      Active disturbance rejection and predictive control strategy for a quadrotor helicopter
      New dynamical observers design for linear descriptor systems
      Automatic tuning of attitude control system for fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles
      Conservatism reduction in simultaneous output feedback stabilisation of linear systems
      Control of networked systems with packet loss and channel uncertainty
      Fault estimation for a class of non-linear systems via full-column-rank state variable substitution
      Adaptive neural network control of coordinated robotic manipulators with output constraint
      Hybrid-driven-based stabilisation for networked control systems
      Incipient fault diagnosis for T–S fuzzy systems with application to high-speed railway traction devices
      New algorithm for continuous-discrete filtering with randomly delayed measurements
      Bipartite consensus on networks of agents with antagonistic interactions and measurement noises
      Observer-based neural control for MIMO pure-feedback non-linear systems with input saturation and disturbances
    • Robust approach for attitude tracking and nonlinear disturbance rejection of rigid body spacecraft
      Parametric method for spacecraft trajectory tracking control problem with stochastic thruster fault
      Generalised proportional–integral–derivative filter
      Robust consensus for linear multi-agent systems with noises

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