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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 10, Issue 16, 31 October 2016

Volume 10, Issue 16

31 October 2016

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    • Model reference composite learning control without persistency of excitation
      Adaptive neural control for an uncertain fractional-order rotational mechanical system using disturbance observer
      Composite anti-disturbance control for switched systems via mixed state-dependent and time-driven switching
      Spacecraft fault-tolerant control using adaptive non-singular fast terminal sliding mode
      Adaptive sliding mode control for stochastic jump systems against sensor and actuator failures
      Krylov subspace methods for model reduction of quadratic-bilinear systems
      Cooperative output regulation of discrete-time linear time-delay multi-agent systems
      Fault detection filter design with adaptive mechanism for linear uncertain polytopic systems in finite frequency domains
      Control and resource allocation of cyber-physical systems
      H control with application to multi-source electric vehicles" >Power sources coordination through multivariable linear parameter-varying/ control with application to multi-source electric vehicles
      Adaptive fuzzy memory fault-tolerant control of non-linear systems with partially known time-varying delays
      Global stabilisation of complicated feedforward non-linear systems by constructing state-dependent saturation levels
      Adaptive Lyapunov-based backstepping control for an axially moving system with input saturation
      Multi-flocking of networked non-holonomic mobile robots with proximity graphs
      Boundedness of discretised non-linear systems under fast terminal sliding mode control
      Flatness-based deformation control of an Euler–Bernoulli beam with in-domain actuation

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