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Volume 10, Issue 15, 10 October 2016

Volume 10, Issue 15

10 October 2016

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    • Adaptive tracking control of uncertain switched non-linear systems with application to aircraft wing rock
      Forwarding-based dynamic surface control for antagonistic actuated robots
      Regional pole placement of wind turbine generator system via a Markovian approach
      Dynamic output feedback control for fast sampling discrete-time singularly perturbed systems
      Linear programming-based robust model predictive control for positive systems
      Stability and stabilisation of neutral stochastic delay Markovian jump systems
      Event-based security control for discrete-time stochastic systems
      Online fault compensation control based on policy iteration algorithm for a class of affine non-linear systems with actuator failures
      Delay compensation of discrete-time linear systems by nested prediction
      Decentralised event-triggered consensus of double integrator multi-agent systems with packet losses and communication delays
      Adaptive control of time-varying uncertain non-linear systems with input delay: a Hamiltonian approach
      Robust output feedback hierarchical control for a class of non-linear systems
      Computationally inexpensive fault tolerant control of uncertain non-linear systems with non-smooth asymmetric input saturation and undetectable actuation failures
      Quadrotor circumnavigation of an unknown moving target using camera vision-based measurements
      Improved stability criteria for T–S fuzzy systems with time-varying delay via convex analysis approach
      Minimum jerk norm scheme applied to obstacle avoidance of redundant robot arm with jerk bounded and feedback control
      Robust iterative learning control for batch processes with input delay subject to time-varying uncertainties
      Equivalent-input-disturbance-based repetitive tracking control for Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy systems with saturating actuator
    • Current-estimation-based iterative algorithms for solving periodic Lyapunov matrix equations
      Lyapunov-based adaptive model predictive control for unconstrained non-linear systems with parametric uncertainties
      Passivity and passification for switching Markovian jump systems with time-varying delay and generally uncertain transition rates
      Adaptive model-based event-triggered control of networked control system with external disturbance

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