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Volume 10, Issue 14, 19 September 2016

Volume 10, Issue 14

19 September 2016

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    • Online optimisation-based backstepping control design with application to quadrotor
      Robust output tracking control of an unmanned aerial vehicle subject to additive state dependent disturbance
      Data-driven ALS-SVR-ARMA2K modelling with AMPSO parameter optimisation for a high consistency refining system in papermaking
      Finite-time synchronisation of neural networks with discrete and distributed delays via periodically intermittent memory feedback control
      UKF-based adaptive variable structure observer for vehicle sideslip with dynamic correction
      Distributed model predictive control for load frequency control with dynamic fuzzy valve position modelling for hydro–thermal power system
      Stability of two-dimensional Roesser systems with time-varying delays via novel 2D finite-sum inequalities
      Adaptive finite-time tracking control of uncertain non-linear n-order systems with unmatched uncertainties
      Robust H controller design for polynomial fuzzy control systems by sum-of-squares approach
      Adaptive neural network control for active suspension system with actuator saturation

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