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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 10, Issue 11, 18 July 2016

Volume 10, Issue 11

18 July 2016

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    • Active fault tolerant control design for uncertain strict-feedback non-linear systems
      σ -error mean square stabilisation of semi-Markov jump linear systems" >Time-varying gain-scheduling -error mean square stabilisation of semi-Markov jump linear systems
      Multi-group coordination control of multi-agent system based on smoothing estimator
      Robust consensus tracking control of higher-order uncertain non-linear systems via cascaded finite-time estimation of reference states
      Tuning strategy of fractional-order proportional integral controllers for permanent magnet synchronous motor servo system based on enhanced stochastic multi-parameters divergence-based optimisation algorithm
      Boundary feedback stabilisation for the time fractional-order anomalous diffusion system
      Overview of linear time-invariant interval observer design: towards a non-smooth optimisation-based approach
      Stabilising the networked control systems involving actuation and measurement consecutive packet losses
      Sliding mode learning based congestion control for DiffServ networks
      Design and experimentation of an observer-based linear adaptive control applied to an electropneumatic actuator
      Adaptive boundary control of an axially moving belt system with high acceleration/deceleration

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