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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 1, Issue 6, November 2007

Volume 1, Issue 6

November 2007

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    • Stability and stabilisation of stochastic differential delay equations
      Robust model predictive control for LPV systems using relaxation matrices
      High-gain nonlinear observer design using the observer canonical form
      Improved stabilisation method for networked control systems
      Global stabilisation of multiple integrators via saturated controls
      Deadlock control policy for a class of petri nets without complete siphon enumeration
      Control reconfiguration of a thermofluid process by means of a virtual actuator
      Experimental validation of an autonomous control system on a mobile robot platform
      Improved robust absolute stability criteria for uncertain time-delay systems
      Nonlinear control design of an airfoil with active flutter suppression in the presence of disturbance
      Model-following neuro-adaptive control design for non-square, non-affine nonlinear systems
      Optimal dynamic inversion control design for a class of nonlinear distributed parameter systems with continuous and discrete actuators
      Observer-based strategies for actuator fault detection, isolation and estimation for certain class of uncertain nonlinear systems
      Speed sensorless field-oriented control of induction motor with interconnected observers: experimental tests on low frequencies benchmark
      Quantised control design for networked control systems
      On guaranteed cost fuzzy control for nonlinear systems with interval time-varying delay
      Transient performance enhancement of direct adaptive control of nonlinear systems using multiple models and switching
      Linear matrix inequality characterisation for ℋ and ℋ2 guaranteed cost gain-scheduling quadratic stabilisation of linear time-varying polytopic systems
      Author Correction: ‘Decentralised two-time-scale motions control based on generalised sampling’

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