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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2007

Volume 1, Issue 5

September 2007

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    • Using the output energy as performance index in the design of damping controllers for power systems
      Coordinated control of two biomimetic robotic fish in pushing-object task
      Fault estimation and fault-tolerant control for descriptor systems via proportional, multiple-integral and derivative observer design
      Exact discretisation of a scalar differential Riccati equation with constant parameters
      Ternary input signal design for system identification
      Delay-dependent robust H control for uncertain singular time-delay systems
      Robust fuzzy feedback linearisation controllers for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy models with parametric uncertainties
      Affine Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy modelling algorithm by fuzzy c-regression models clustering with a novel cluster validity criterion
      A comparative study between sliding mode and proportional integrative derivative controllers for ship roll stabilisation
      Gain-scheduled stabilisation of linear parameter-varying systems with time-varying input delay
      A robust fault detection filtering for stochastic distribution systems via descriptor estimator and parametric gain design
      Minimal realisation of the transfer function matrix with multiple time delays
      Output feedback model predictive control for nonlinear systems represented by Hammerstein–Wiener model
      Fuzzy adaptive EKF motion control for non-holonomic and underactuated cars with parametric and non-parametric uncertainties
      Optimal reference processing in two-degrees-of-freedom control
      Design of high-performance networked real-time control systems
      H fault detection filter design for networked control systems modelled by discrete Markovian jump systems
      H control of networked control systems with time delay and packet disordering
      Robust sliding mode control of a robot manipulator based on variable structure-model reference adaptive control approach
      Nonlinear least-squares optimisation of sensitivity function for disturbance attenuation on hard disk drives
      Motion planning and control of gantry cranes in cluttered work environment
      Analytical design of two degree-of-freedom decoupling control scheme for two-by-two systems with integrator(s)
      Failure diagnosis of skew-configured aircraft inertial sensors using wavelet decomposition
      Stable direct adaptive neural network controller with a fuzzy estimator of the control error for a class of perturbed nonlinear systems
      Modelling and control of a power-assisted mobile vehicle based on torque observer
      Quantitative parameter tuning scheme for a class of multiloop control systems
      Robust receding horizon control for constrained linear fractional transformation parameter-dependent systems
      Disturbance rejection by dual pitch control and self-tuning regulator for wind turbine generator parametric uncertainty compensation
      Suboptimal control based on hill-climbing method for time delay systems
      Tip position control of a lightweight flexible manipulator using a fractional order controller
      SMC without the reaching phase – the switching plane design for the third-order system
      Transmission delays in residual computation
      Decentralised two-time-scale motions control based on generalised sampling
      Design of observers for Takagi–Sugeno descriptor systems with unknown inputs and application to fault diagnosis
      Fragility problem revisited: overview and reformulation
      Global decentralised output regulation for a class of large-scale nonlinear systems with nonlinear exosystem
      Robust decentralised output feedback sliding mode control technique-based power system stabiliser (PSS) for multimachine power system
      Observer-based fault-tolerant control for a class of switched nonlinear systems
      Robust observer with sliding mode estimation for nonlinear uncertain systems
      2 and ℋ robust output feedback control for continuous time polytopic systems

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