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Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Machine Learning for Secure Cyber-Physical Industrial Control- for more information click here

Topics that we will consider include:

  • Machine learning based modeling for CPICSs under attacks,
  • Machine learning based intrusion detections for CPICSs,
  • Machine learning based vulnerability analysis for CPICSs,
  • Machine learning based dynamic security assessment for CPICSs,
  • Machine learning based state estimation of CPICSs under attacks,
  • Machine learning based consensus of CPICSs under attacks,
  • Machine Learning for moving target defense of CPICSs
  • Machine Learning based resilient control for CPICSs,
  • Game theories for optimal security decision making,
  • Data security, privacy and transparency,
  • Multi-agent reinforcement learning of CPICSs under cyberattacks,
  • Deep learning and hierarchical models in CPICS,
  • Vulnerabilities of machine learning models

Previously published Special Issues


Social and Human Aspects of Cyber-Physical Systems

Vol. 4, Issue 3

Cyber-Physical Systems for Power Distribution Systems

Vol. 4, Issue 1


Special Section: Cyber-Physical Security Issues in Smart Grids

Vol. 3, Issue 3

Reliability and Quality Control for Cyber-Physical Systems

Vol. 3, Issue 2


Cyber-Physical Systems in Smart Grids: Security and Operation

Vol. 2, Issue 4

Special Section: Cyber-Physical Aspects of EVs and HEVs

Vol. 2, Issue 3

Special Section: Safety Critical Cyber-Physical Systems

Vol. 2, Issue 2

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