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Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2020

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Volume 5, Issue 4

December 2020

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    • Private routing and ride-sharing using homomorphic encryption
      Cyber attacks in smart grid – dynamic impacts, analyses and recommendations
      IoT cloud-based cyber-physical system for efficient solid waste management in smart cities: a novel cost function based route optimisation technique for waste collection vehicles using dustbin sensors and real-time road traffic informatics
      Data privacy-based coordinated placement method of workflows and data
      Advanced algorithm to detect stealthy cyber attacks on automatic generation control in smart grid
      Wyner wiretap-like encoding scheme for cyber-physical systems
      Unified Smith predictor-based loop-shaping H damping controller for mitigating inter-area oscillations in power system
      Multi-agent system for the reactive fleet maintenance support planning of a fleet of mobile cyber–physical systems
      Formal verification of ontology transformation for distribution network information model based on meta-model theory
      Counteractive control against cyber-attack uncertainties on frequency regulation in the power system

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