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Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2020

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Volume 5, Issue 1

March 2020

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    • Survey on automated symbolic verification and its application for synthesising cyber-physical systems
      IoT-based cyber-physical communication architecture: challenges and research directions
    • Low-powered wearable motion detecting system using static electric fields
      Data-driven control for combustion process of circulating fluidised bed boiler
      Relaxation-based anomaly detection in cyber-physical systems using ensemble kalman filter
      Extending resources for avoiding overloads of mixed-criticality tasks in cyber-physical systems
      Design and application of distributed co-simulation platform for cyber physical power system based on the concepts of software bus and middleware
      Optimal energy management strategy in microgrids with mixed energy resources and energy storage system
      Distributed control plane for safe cooperative vehicular cyber physical systems
      Self-repairing hardware architecture for safety-critical cyber-physical-systems
      Design and implementation of a CPS-based predictive maintenance and automated management platform
      Efficient detection of false data injection attack with invertible automatic encoder and long-short-term memory
      Semantic analysis framework for protecting the power grid against monitoring-control attacks
      Estimation and control using sampling-based Bayesian reinforcement learning

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