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Each year the IET awards a prize to the authors of the best paper published within the last two years in each of the IET’s journals. The winners of the IET Communications Premium Awards are listed below and the 2018 winning paper is free to access on the IET Digital Library until August 2019.

2018 IET Communications Premium Award

Araújo, D.C., Maksymyuk, T., de Almeida, A.L.F., Maciel, T., Mota, J.C.M., Jo,M.: ‘Massive MIMO: survey and future research topics’, IET Communications, 2016, 10, (15), pp. 1938–1946

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2017 IET Communications Premium Award

Zhou, Z., Dong, M., Ota, K., Shi, R., Liu, Z., Sato, T: ‘ Game-theoretic approach to energy-efficient resource allocation in device-to-device underlay communications ’, IET Communications, 2015, 9, (3), pp. 375–385

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2016 IET Communications Premium Award

Pittolo, A., Tonello, A.M.: ‘Physical layer security in power line communication networks: an emerging scenario, other than wireless', IET Communications, 2014, 8, (8), pp. 1239-1247

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2015 IET Communications Premium Award

Zhao, L., Zheng, K., Long, H., Zhao, H., Wang, W.: ‘Performance analysis for downlink massive multiple-input multiple-output system with channel state information delay under maximum ratio transmission precoding’, IET Communications, 2014, 8, (3), pp. 390–398

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2014 IET Communications Premium Award

Shokri-Ghadikolaei, H., Abdi, Y., Nasiri-Kenari, M.: ‘Analytical and learning-based spectrum sensing time optimisation in cognitive radio systems’, IET Communications, 2013, 7, (5), pp. 480–489

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2013 IET Communications Premium Award

Khirallah, C., Thompson, J.S., and Rashvand, H.: 'Energy and cost impacts of relay and femtocell deployments in long-term-evolution advanced', IET Communications, 5, (18), 2011, pp. 2617–2628

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