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  • Modeling and Simulation for UAV Aided Vehicular MIMO Communication Channels
  • Wireless networks performance enhancement via buffered cooperative communications
  • Spectral efficiency analysis for massive MIMO systems in Ricean fading channels
  • Design of sensor system for air pollution and human vital monitoring for connected cyclists
  • General precoder interference alignment design with achievable higher multiplexing gain and reduced channel extension cases
  • Analysing impact of major solar flares on ionospheric TEC with RTISM model using IRNSS receiver, at SVNIT, Surat, India
  • Optimisation-based time slot assignment and synchronisation for TDMA MAC in industrial wireless sensor network
  • Threshold-voltage-drift-aware scheduling for belief propagation decoding of LDPC-coded NAND flash memory
  • 3D non-stationary unmanned aerial vehicles' MIMO channel model
  • Robust secrecy energy efficiency optimisation in heterogeneous networks with simultaneous wireless information and power transfer: centralised and distributed design
  • Performance improvement of MIMO FSO systems against destructive interference
  • Adaptive hierarchical coding and modulation scheme over satellite channels
  • WDM for multi-user indoor VLC systems with SCM
  • Distributed algorithm to reduce contention in emergency situations by deploying cognitive radio ad-hoc controllers
  • IntelliTC: Intelligent inter-datacenter Traffic Controller for Internet of Everything service based on Fog computing
  • Optimal number of user antennas in a constrained pilot-length massive MIMO system
  • Hybrid Optimization for priority-based scheduling in Multi-User STBC-MIMO-OFDM
  • EDB-CHS-BOF: energy and distance-based cluster head selection with balanced objective function protocol
  • Resource allocation for edge computing over fibre-wireless access networks
  • Performance of Gray-coded IQM-based Optical Modulation Formats on High-speed Long-haul Optical Communication Link
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