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  • Optimal Routing in VANET using Improved Meta-heuristic Approach: A Variant of JAYA
  • Rollout algorithm for light-weight physical-layer authentication in cognitive radio networks
  • Efficient scheme for attenuators and phase shifters adjustment in analogue self-interference cancellation for full-duplex systems
  • Enhanced physical layer security for cognitive radio systems through joint spectrum access and power allocation
  • Improving physical layer security in Alamouti OFDM systems with subcarrier coordinate interleaving
  • Graph colour-based resource allocation for relay-assisted D2D underlay communications
  • MMSE-based transmission method for wireless powered communication networks
  • Performance Analysis of a Cooperative D2D Communication Network with NOMA
  • Density-aware deployment with multi-layer UAV-V2X communication networks
  • Goal-oriented design of optimal degree distribution for LT codes
  • Optimisation of censoring-based cooperative spectrum sensing approach with multiple antennas and imperfect reporting channel scenarios for cognitive radio network
  • Performance analysis of MIMO-based CR–NOMA communication systems
  • Computation Offloading Game in Multiple UAV-Enabled Mobile Edge Computing Networks
  • Loss-aware adaptive caching scheme for device-to-device communications
  • Performance analysis of two-way AF relaying system with the presence of hardware impairments over Nakagami-m fading channels
  • Fault-tolerant with load balancing scheduling in a fog-based IoT application
  • Optimal content placement for cache-enabled IoT networks with local channel state information based joint transmission
  • Optimisation of virtual cooperative spectrum sensing for UAV-based interweave CR system
  • Adaptive immune-inspired energy-efficient and high coverage cross-layer routing protocol for wireless sensor networks
  • Time of arrival estimation based on clustering for positioning in OFDM system
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