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IET Communications

Volume 9, Issue 5, 26 March 2015

Volume 9, Issue 5

26 March 2015

Multi-user indoor ultra-wideband wireless communication using polyphase spreading sequences
Reconstruct unrecoverable data in real-time networks using Bézier curve
A novel transmission scheme to inter destination video synchronisation
Mountainous terrain coverage in mobile sensor networks
Statistical quality of service provisioning in multi-user centralised networks
Time and frequency synchronisation in all-optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
Performance analysis of distributed turbo coded scheme with two ordered best relays
Joint energy-efficient power allocation and subcarrier pairing in orthogonal frequency division multiple-based multi-relay networks
Signal detection technique for asynchronous filtered multi-tone modulation-based mesh systems
System evaluation of a practical IEEE 802.15.4/4e/4g multi-physical and multi-hop smart utility network
Spectrum handoff based on adaptive weights adjustment
Spectral efficiency analysis of large-scale distributed antenna system in a composite correlated Rayleigh fading channel
Pilot scheduling schemes for multi-cell massive multiple-input–multiple-output transmission
On maximising tag reading efficiency of a multi-packet reception capable radio frequency identification reader
Joint sparse graph over GF(q) for code division multiple access systems
Linear precoding for spatially correlated multiple-input single-output wiretap channel
Low-complexity soft-interference cancellation turbo equalisation for multi-input–multi-output systems with multilevel modulations

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