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IET Communications

Volume 9, Issue 3, 12 February 2015

Volume 9, Issue 3

12 February 2015

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    • Guest Editorial
      Device-to-device channel measurements and models: a survey
      Equalisation technique for high mobility OFDM-based device-to-device communications using subblock tracking
      QoS-based device-to-device communication schemes in heterogeneous wireless networks
      Sociality-aware resource allocation for device-to-device communications in cellular networks
      Dynamic resource allocation based on service time prediction for device-to-device communication underlaying cellular networks
      Link scheduling schemes with on-off interference map for device-to-device communications
      User-specific link adaptation scheme for device-to-device network coding multicast
      Game-theoretic approach to energy-efficient resource allocation in device-to-device underlay communications
      Optimal user-centric relay assisted device-to-device communications: an auction approach
      Robust secrecy rate optimisations for multiuser multiple-input-single-output channel with device-to-device communications
      Multi-hop delay reduction for safety-related message broadcasting in vehicle-to-vehicle communications
      Recent progress of long-term evolution device-to-device in third-generation partnership project standardisation
      Hybrid cooperation for machine-to-machine data collection in hierarchical smart building networks
      Service-oriented networking platform on smart devices

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