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Volume 8, Issue 8, 22 May 2014

Volume 8, Issue 8

22 May 2014

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    • Editorial: Special Issue on Secure Physical Layer Communications
      Interference masking for secure wireless broadcast communications
      Beamforming with opportunistic relaying for wireless security
      Concatenated coding and hybrid automatic repeat request for wiretap channels
      Secure multiple-input single-output communication – Part I: secrecy rates and switched power allocation
      Secure multiple-input single-output communication – Part II: δ-secrecy symbol error probability and secrecy diversity
      Physical layer security in power line communication networks: an emerging scenario, other than wireless
      Physical layer security by robust masked beamforming and protected zone optimisation
      Physical layer security with dynamic behaviour cooperator based on coalitional game
      Security-oriented cooperation scheme in wireless cooperative networks
      Radio-frequency fingerprinting for mitigating primary user emulation attack in low-end cognitive radios
      Signal leakage neutralisation in instantaneous non-regenerative relaying networks under channel uncertainty
    • Multi-layer Gelfand–Pinsker strategies for the generalised multiple-access channel
      Blind carrier frequency offset estimation for tile-based orthogonal frequency division multiple access uplink with multi-antenna receiver
      Decoding scheme for relay networks with parity forwarding cooperation protocol
      Codeword averaged density evolution for distributed joint source and channel coding with decoder side information
      Set partitioning of Gaussian integer constellations and its application to two-dimensional interleaving
      Near-optimum detection scheme with relay selection technique for asynchronous cooperative relay networks
      Relay selection based on coalitional game for secure wireless networks
      Transmission of data with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technique for communication networks using GHz frequency band soliton carrier
      Adaptive multiobjective optimisation for energy efficient interference coordination in multicell networks
      Linear transceiver design with intercarrier interference reduction for multiple-input–multiple-output with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
      System performance of Rayleigh fading channel in the presence of adjacent channel interference
      Design of improved Luby transform codes with decreasing ripple size and feedback
      Cloud service-aware location update in mobile cloud computing
      Despread-ahead cyclic-prefix code division multiple access receiver with compressive sensing channel impulse response estimation

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