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IET Communications

Volume 7, Issue 3, 12 February 2013

Volume 7, Issue 3

12 February 2013

Physical layer assist authentication technique for smart meter system
Spectrum sensing and power efficiency trade-off optimisation in cognitive radio networks over fading channels
Low-complexity symbol timing error detection for quasi-orthogonal space–time block codes
Design of an energy-efficient cross-layer protocol for mobile ad hoc networks
Expected complexity analysis of increasing radii algorithm by considering multiple radius schedules
Single-symbol decodable space-time block code for multi-input–multi-output systems with four transmit antennas
Enabling polarisation filtering in wireless communications: models, algorithms and characteristics
Integrated power-saving scheduling algorithm in IEEE 802.16e networks
Multiple carrier frequency offsets tracking in co-operative space-frequency block-coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
Some new codes from binary Goppa codes and a method of shortening linear codes

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