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IET Communications

Volume 7, Issue 1, 04 January 2013

Volume 7, Issue 1

04 January 2013

Joint iterative decoding for LDPC-coded multi-relay cooperation with receive multi-antenna in the destination
Biased estimators with adaptive shrinkage targets for orthogonal frequency division multiple access channel estimation
Inter-cell interference coordination in downlink orthogonal frequency division multiple access systems using Hungarian method
Dynamic software update model for remote entity management of machine-to-machine service capability
Reduction in code blocking using scattered vacant codes for orthogonal variable spreading factor-based wideband code division multiple access networks
Robust collaborative spectrum sensing in the presence of deleterious users
Efficient narrowband interference cancellation in ultra-wide-band rake receivers
Selective max-min algorithm for low-density parity-check decoding
Reliable transmission scheduling for multi-channel wireless sensor networks with low-cost channel estimation
Concatenated channel-and-network coding scheme for two-path successive relay network

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