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IET Communications

Volume 6, Issue 8, 22 May 2012

Volume 6, Issue 8

22 May 2012

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    • Editorial: Cognitive communications
      Improved energy detection spectrum sensing for cognitive radio
      Optimal opportunistic sensing in cognitive radio networks
      Spectrum sensing in cognitive radios based on enhanced energy detector
      Features detection assisted spectrum sensing in wireless regional area network cognitive radio systems
      Modelling and analysis of detection time trade-offs for channel searching in cognitive radio networks
      Partially observable Markov decision process-based MAC-layer sensing optimisation for cognitive radios exploiting rateless-coded spectrum aggregation
      Precoder adaptation and power control for cognitive radios in dynamic spectrum access environments
      Secondary spectrum access and cell-edge coverage in cognitive cellular networks
      Low complexity distributed spectrum access algorithm for cognitive radio
      Peak power control in cognitive radio context
      MAximum SPECTrum packing: a distributed opportunistic channel acquisition mechanism in dynamic spectrum access networks
      Distributed resource management and admission control in wireless ad hoc networks: a practical approach
      Spectrum sharing in cognitive radio systems: service-oriented capacity and power allocation
      Improved spectrum access control of cognitive radios based on primary ARQ signals
      Polychromatic set theory-based spectrum access in cognitive radios
      Antenna selection for multiple-input and single-output cognitive radio systems
      Some interesting dual-code properties of convolutional encoder for standards self-recognition
      Scaling laws of cognitive networks with cooperative relay
      Token-based opportunistic scheduling protocol for cognitive radios with distributed beamforming
      Manifold learning-based automatic signal identification in cognitive radio networks
      Primary user emulation attack in dynamic spectrum access networks: a game-theoretic approach
      Distributed consensus-based security mechanisms in cognitive radio mobile ad hoc networks
      Simulation framework for security threats in cognitive radio networks
      Voice service in cognitive networks over the TV spectrum
      Intelligent walls as autonomous parts of smart indoor environments

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