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IET Communications

Volume 6, Issue 5, 27 March 2012

Volume 6, Issue 5

27 March 2012

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    • Editorial: Guest Editorial: Special Section on Photonic and Free Space Optics Networks
      Comprehensive modelling of wave propagation in photonic devices
      Repetition rate and wavelength-tunable all-optical actively mode-locked fibre ring laser based on a reflective semi-conductor optical amplifier
      Optimised non-uniform biasing technique for a high-speed optical router to achieve uniform semiconductor optical amplifier gain
      Comparing the cloud effects on hybrid network using optical wireless and GHz links
      Error performance of terrestrial free space optical links with subcarrier time diversity
      Free-space optical links for latency-tolerant traffic
      Channel modelling and performance of non-line-of-sight ultraviolet scattering communications
      Network solutions for the line-of-sight problem of new multi-user indoor free-space optical system
      Channel estimation for asymmetrically clipped optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing optical wireless communications
      Indoor optical wireless system dedicated to healthcare application in a hospital
    • Physical-layer network coding with limited feedback in two-way relay channels
      Accurate simulation of non-isotropic fading channels with arbitrary temporal correlation
      Quality of service assurance in multi-antenna relay-assisted networks

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