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IET Communications

Volume 6, Issue 4, 6 March 2012

Volume 6, Issue 4

6 March 2012

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    • Group waveform-coded biorthogonal pulse position modulation with level cutting for ultra-wideband impulse radio communications
      Complex networks properties analysis for mobile ad hoc networks
      Joint signal parameter estimation of frequency-hopping communications
      Closed-form expressions for the lower-bound performance of variable weight multiple pulse-position modulation optical links through turbulent atmospheric channels
      Single-path and multi-path label switched path allocation algorithms with quality-of-service constraints: performance analysis and implementation in NS2
      Subspace-based blind channel estimation in nearly saturated down link multicarrier code division multiple access systems
      Optimised rate-compatible-irregular-repeat-accumulate code for asymmetric Slepian–Wolf coding
      Fingerprinting localisation using round trip time and timing advance
      Multi-cast waveband grooming algorithms in multi-domain optical networks
      New anti-interference algorithm for wireless communications
      Optimal error considerate cross-layer scheduler for heterogeneous users
      A practical system for improved efficiency in frequency division multiplexed wireless networks
      Impact of outdated channel information on the bit error rate performance for amplify-and-forward selective relaying systems
      Hybrid likelihood ratio bit-rate detectors for variable-gain multiple-access systems in unknown noise variance

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