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IET Communications

Volume 6, Issue 3, 14 February 2012

Volume 6, Issue 3

14 February 2012

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    • Editorial: Evolution of air-link technologies for futuristic wireless communications
      Design of distributed amplify-and-forward relay networks for multi-input multi-output transmission
      Improved block diagonalisation algorithm under asynchronous interference condition
      Resource allocation for multicast services in distributed antenna systems with quality of services guarantees
      Improved coding-rotated-modulation orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
      Adaptive codebook-based channel prediction and interpolation for multiuser multiple-input multiple-output–orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
      Antenna mismatch and calibration problem in coordinated multi-point transmission system
      Resource allocation with interference coordination for relay-aided cellular orthogonal frequency division multiple access systems
      Mitigating the effect of jamming signals in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks
      Robust user pairing algorithm under channel estimation errors for uplink virtual multiple-input multiple-output systems
    • Peak avoidance and collision control for contention-based bandwidth requests in WiMAX systems
      Response of an ultrasonic communication channel in air
      Cooperative network-coding system for wireless sensor networks
      Link adaptation for physical layer security over wireless fading channels

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