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IET Communications

Volume 6, Issue 18, 18 December 2012

Volume 6, Issue 18

18 December 2012

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    • Optimality of transmitter location in a wireless network with RAKE receivers
      On the design of full-rate full-diversity space-time block codes for multiple-input–multiple-output systems with a turbo minimum mean square error equaliser at the receiver side
      Time-varying modulation systems
      Subspace optimisation-based iterative interference alignment algorithm on the Grassmann manifold
      On eigen-based signal combining using the autocorrelation coefficient
      Adaptive M-ary quadrature amplitude spatial modulation
      Optimal power allocation for decode-and-forward multihop relaying system with direct link
      Multi-user multiple-input single-output downlink transmission systems exploiting statistical channel state information
      On the cumulative distribution function of the sum and harmonic mean of two αμ random variables with applications
      Superimposed training design based on Bayesian optimisation for channel estimation in two-way relay networks
      Efficient restarted radius bisection algorithm for sphere decoding with applications to multiple-in multiple-out systems
      Superimposed training-based compressed sensing of sparse multipath channels
      Soft decoding of the (23, 12, 7) Golay code: simplified algorithm and hardware implementation
      Cooperative mobile-to-mobile communications over double Nakagami-m fading channels
      Code acquisition of random optical codes in optical code-division multiple-access
      Base station identification in single-frequency network positioning system under mixed line-of-sight/non-line-of-sight condition
      Steepest descent algorithm implementation for multichannel blind signal recovery
      Constant interference methods for power allocation in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-based cognitive radio networks
      Simulation and fabrication of blood filtration system for patients with kidney diseases
      Unifying identity management for fourth generation wireless networks
      Asymptotic capacity of opportunistic scheduling over gamma–gamma (generalised-K) composite fading channels
      Service-oriented architecture structure for healthcare systems utilising vital signs
      Fabrication and analysis of hollow microneedles and polymeric piezoelectric valveless micropump for transdermal drug-delivery system
      Prediction of membrane protein types by using dipeptide and pseudo amino acid composition-based composite features
      Neural network-based approach for the non-invasive diagnosis and classification of hepatotropic viral disease
      Security mechanism for a wireless-sensor-network-based healthcare monitoring system
      A data mining approach for fall detection by using k-nearest neighbour algorithm on wireless sensor network data
      Privacy-preserving range set union for rare cases in healthcare data
      Green cloud computing schemes based on networks: a survey
      Body composition and solute kinetics in hemodialysis patients: a mathematical model
      New constructions of low-correlation sequences with high-linear complexity
      An improved queuing model for packet retransmission policy and variable latency decoders
      Periodic spectrum sensing parameters optimisation in cognitive radio networks
      New method of predetermining unified unknown syndrome representations for decoding binary cyclic codes
      Two-stage constellation partition algorithm for reduced-complexity multiple-input multiple-output–maximum-likelihood detection systems

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