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IET Communications

Volume 6, Issue 15, 16 October 2012

Volume 6, Issue 15

16 October 2012

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    • Balanced counting Bloom filters: a space-efficient synoptic data structure for a high-performance network
      Improved transmitted reference pulse cluster scheme for ultra wideband communication systems
      Data rate selection for efficient broadcasting in ad hoc networks
      Game-theoretic approach for interference management in heterogeneous multimedia wireless personal area networks
      QoS-guaranteed IP mobility management for fast-moving vehicles with multiple network interfaces
      Phase locked loop assisted phase tracking in asynchronous-code division multiple access systems over slow fading and time-varying channels using simplified expression for improved Gaussian approximation
      Transmit precoding scheme for inter-carrier interference suppression and path diversity in fractional sampling-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)
      Different perspective and approach to implement adaptive normalised belief propagation-based decoding for low-density parity check codes
      Theoretical framework for quality of service analysis of differentiated traffic in 802.11 wireless local area networks
      Beamforming and positioning-assisted handover scheme for long-term evolution system in high-speed railway
      Doubly multistage decoding of low-density parity-check codes over ℤ2m
      Parallel interference cancellation with different linear equalisation and Rake receiver for the downlink MC-CDMA systems
      Additive statistical modelling of land mobile satellite channels in three-dimensional scattering environment
      Block diagonalisation-based multiuser multiple input multiple output-aided downlink relaying
      Phase ambiguity mitigation for per-cell codebook-based limited feedback coordinated multi-point transmission systems
      Capacity and power allocation for spectrum sharing in cognitive radio systems under unknown channel state information and imperfect spectrum sensing
      Device-free localisation with wireless networks based on compressive sensing
      Characterisation of highly absorbent and highly reflective radio wave propagation environments in industrial applications
      Capacity maximisation in eigen-multiple-input multiple-output using adaptive modulation and Reed–Solomon coding
      Performance analysis of two-dimensional optical code-division multiple-access systems using novel multi-code pulse-position modulation
      Design of low peak-to-average power ratio transceiver with enhanced link quality for coded single-carrier frequency division multiple access system
      Transmission scheme for a K-way relay multiple-input multiple-output channel
      Singular value decomposition-based multiuser multiple-input multiple-output vector perturbation-aided downlink transmitter and lattice-reduction-assisted uplink receiver pair
      Analytical modelling of a cognitive IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network overlaid on a cellular network
      Performance of general network coding nodes with stop-and-wait automatic repeat request transmission
      Framework to calculate level-crossing rate and average fade duration in two-dimensional and three-dimensional scattering environments
      Application of expectation-maximisation algorithm to channel estimation and data detection techniques in ultra-wideband systems
      Performance improvement of short-length regular low-density parity-check codes with low-complexity post-processing
      Max–min relay selection in bidirectional cooperative networks with imperfect channel estimation
      Performance analysis of a multiple-input-single-output optical satellite communication system with correlated pointing errors

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