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IET Communications

Volume 6, Issue 12, 14 August 2012

Volume 6, Issue 12

14 August 2012

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    • Exploiting interest-based proximity for content recommendation in peer-to-peer networks
      Measurements on movie distribution behaviour in peer-to-peer networks
      Cyclic entropy of collaborative complex networks
      Identify content quality in online social networks
      Optimal data scheduling for P2P video-on-demand streaming systems
      Network service registration based on role-goal-process-service meta-model in a P2P network
      Unveiling popularity of BitTorrent Darknets
      Switched diversity strategies for dual-hop amplify-and-forward relaying systems
      Coordinated beamforming design using duality theory with dynamic cooperation clusters
      Field programmable gate arrays implementations of low complexity soft-input soft-output low-density parity-check decoders
      Performance of variable-power adaptive modulation with space–time block coding and imperfect channel state information over Rician fading channels
      Code-aided turbo synchronisation using irregular low-density parity check codes
      Symbol error probability of non-coherent M-ary frequency shift keying with postdetection selection and switched combining over Hoyt fading channel
      Integrating disruption-prone links into reliable networks: a transmission control protocol friendly approach
      Generalised low-density parity-check codes with binary cyclic codes as component codes
      Trie shifting scheme with depth adjusting for multiple virtual routers
      Digital compensation of cross-modulation distortion in multimode transceivers
      Robust non-linear precoding for downlink multiuser multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing systems with limited feedback
      New approach for evaluation of the performance of spectral amplitude coding-optical code division multiple access system on high-speed data rate
      Approach to the construction of regular low-density parity-check codes from group permutation matrices
      Effective capacity of multiple antenna channels: correlation and keyhole
      Exploiting primary retransmission to improve secondary throughput by cognitive relaying with best-relay selection
      Effect of channel estimation error on performance of time reversal-UWB communication system and its compensation by pre-filter
      Interference analysis of 3G/ad hoc integrated network
      Analytic approximation to the largest eigenvalue distribution of a white Wishart matrix
      Distributed power control for uplink virtual multiple-input multiple-output cellular system
      Adaptive bit loading for multi-relay cooperative orthogonal frequency division multiple with imperfect channel estimation
      Outage probability in distributed transmission based on best relay pair selection
      Performance analysis of a chaos shift keying system with polarisation sensitivity under multipath channel
      Performance analysis and power allocation for a two-way amplify-and-forward relay with channel estimation errors

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