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IET Communications

Volume 6, Issue 10, 3 July 2012

Volume 6, Issue 10

3 July 2012

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    • Editorial: Ultra-wideband system design, signals and coding
      Twenty years of ultrawideband: opportunities and challenges
      Design of spectrally efficient ultra-wideband waveforms using Hermite–Rodriguez functions
      Multi-tone frequency shift keying for ultrawideband wireless communications
      Characterisation of ultra-wideband antenna arrays with spacings following a geometric progression
      Ultra-wideband frequency dependency of capacity and diversity in multi-antenna indoor environments
      Multiple-input multiple-output ultra-wide band channel modelling method based on ray tracing
    • Modelling and symmetry reduction of a target-tracking protocol using wireless sensor networks
      Primary–secondary interaction modelling in cellular cognitive radio networks: a game-theoretic approach
      Two-stage uncertainty incorporating in optical core networks
      Extension of the impulsiveness correction factor for several modulation schemes and various interfering signals for interference control in dynamic wireless applications
      Outage-dependent and traditional power optimisations for amplify and forward incremental relaying with channel estimation errors
      Game-theoretic rate allocation with balanced traffic in collaborative transmission over heterogeneous wireless access networks
      Primary service outage degradation in dynamic spectrum sharing with non-ideal spectrum sensing
      Approach for discriminating losses in 802.11 wireless LANs
      Implementation and analytical modelling of modified optimised link state routing protocol for network lifetime improvement
      Competitive decoders for turbo-like chaos-based systems
      Irregular repeat quaternary-accumulate (IRqA) codes and two-dimensional BCJR decoding
      Antenna combining and power allocation-assisted multiple-input multiple-output cooperative communications: a joint approach
      Novel results on pulse-position modulation performance for terrestrial free-space optical links impaired by turbulent atmosphere and pointing errors
      Elastic monitoring framework for cloud infrastructures
      Very-large-scale integration hardware implementation of adaptive space–time coding/spatial multiplexing switching
      Algebraic decoding of the (73, 37, 13) quadratic residue code
      Constrained least square pre-distortion scheme for multiuser ultra-wideband

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