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IET Communications

Volume 5, Issue 7, 4 May 2011

Volume 5, Issue 7

4 May 2011

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    • Design of frequency-modulated correlation delay shift keying chaotic communication system
      Optimisation of variable-length code for data compression of memoryless Laplacian source
      Mobile anchor positioning for wireless sensor networks
      Parameter-estimation based trust model for unstructured peer-to-peer networks
      Detection of covert voice-over Internet protocol communications using sliding window-based steganalysis
      Multi-user indoor optical wireless communication system channel control using a genetic algorithm
      Reduced feedback for capacity and fairness tradeoff in multiuser diversity
      PAS: a new scheduling scheme for broadcasting a video over a single channel
      Adaptive second-order control of transmitter power in wireless communication systems
      Joint time-frequency-power resource allocation for low-medium-altitude platforms-based WiMAX networks
      Distributed limited feedback beamforming based on game theory in multiple-input multiple-output ad hoc networks
      Accurate closed-form approximations to generalised-K sum distributions and applications in the performance analysis of equal-gain combining receivers
      Low-complexity scheduling strategy for wireless multiuser multiple-input multiple-output downlink system
      Performance of orthogonal and co-channel resource assignments for femto-cells in long term evolution systems
      User priority aware scheduling and dynamic resource allocation in orthogonal frequency division multiple access
      Dynamic physical resource block allocation algorithms for uplink long term evolution
      Blind timing and carrier synchronisation in distributed multiple input multiple output communication systems

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