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IET Communications

Volume 5, Issue 18, 16 December 2011

Volume 5, Issue 18

16 December 2011

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    • Editorial: Green technologies for wireless communications and mobile computing
      Dual access points association in relay networks to conserve mobile terminals' energy
      Sleep mode design for green base stations
      Energy and cost impacts of relay and femtocell deployments in long-term-evolution advanced
      Energy efficient radio resource management strategies for green radio
      Energy-efficient user grouping algorithms for power minimisation in multi-carrier code division multiple access systems
      Adaptive online power control scheme based on the evolutionary game theory
      Cost-efficient network mobility scheme over proxy mobile IPv6 network
      Adaptive time division multiple access-based medium access control protocol for energy conserving and data transmission in wireless sensor networks
      Compressed data-stream protocol: an energy-efficient compressed data-stream protocol for wireless sensor networks
      Power-aware data dissemination protocol for grid-based wireless sensor networks with mobile sinks
      Energy-aware interference-sensitive geographic routing in wireless sensor networks
      Data aggregation model using energy-efficient delay scheduling in multi-hop hierarchical wireless sensor networks
    • Capacity of hybrid cognitive network with outage constraints
      IEEE 802.21 Information Services deployment for heterogeneous mobile environments
      Outage probability of cognitive radio networks with relay selection
      Heavy-tail and voice over internet protocol traffic: queueing analysis for performance evaluation
      Theoretical characterisation of memory polynomial systems with in-phase–quadrature imbalanced Gaussian inputs: application to orthogonal frequency division multiplexing error rate analysis
      Comparison of link selection algorithms for free space optics/radio frequency hybrid network

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