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IET Communications

Volume 5, Issue 15, 14 October 2011

Volume 5, Issue 15

14 October 2011

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    • United nodes: cluster-based routing protocol for mobile cognitive radio networks
      Dual-hop multi-input multi-output relay systems over spatially correlated Nakagami-m fading channels
      Arishtat: auction-based dynamic bandwidth allocation method in Ethernet passive optical networks
      Inter-carrier interference-free Alamouti-coded OFDM for cooperative systems with frequency offsets in non-selective fading environments
      Sliding window non-parametric cumulative sum: a quick algorithm to detect selfish behaviour in wireless networks
      Downlink performance of distributed antenna systems in multicell environment
      Improved PMIPv6 handover procedure for consumer multicast traffic
      Multi-tone CDMA design for arbitrary frequency offsets using orthogonal code multiplexing at the transmitter and a tunable receiver
      Theoretical analysis for tree-like networks using random geometry
      Reduced-complexity column-layered decoding and implementation for LDPC codes
      Analysis of CSMA/CA in IEEE 802.15.4
      Efficient broadcasting using packet history in mobile ad hoc networks
      Soft decoding of the (23, 12, 7) Golay-code up to five errors
      Performance enhancement of a time hopping – pulse position modulation ultra-wide-band system using guided local search
      Improving maximum-likelihood-based topology inference by sequentially inserting leaf nodes
      Border gateway protocol monitoring system can be cost effective
      Adaptive gateway discovery for mobile ad hoc networks based on the characterisation of the link lifetime
      Sub-optimum detection scheme for asynchronous cooperative relay networks

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