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IET Communications

Volume 5, Issue 14, 23 September 2011

Volume 5, Issue 14

23 September 2011

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    • Performance analysis of joint single transmit and receive antenna selection in non-identical Nakagami-m fading channels
      Throughput analysis of IEEE 802.11-based vehicular ad hoc networks
      Joint maximum-likelihood estimation of frequency offset and channel coefficients in multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing systems with timing ambiguity
      Average capacity and signal-to-noise ratio analysis of multi-antenna regenerative cooperative relay in Rayleigh fading channel
      Statistical analysis of H.264 video frame size distribution
      Resource management scheme for multicasting in orthogonal frequency division multiple access-based single frequency networks
      Bit error rate minimising pilot symbol arrangement in closed-loop orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
      Novel spectral efficient cooperative relaying protocols with low communication overhead
      Performance of hybrid decode–amplify–forward protocol for multiple relay networks over independent and non-identical flat fading channels
      Variable neighbourhood search for resolving routing and wavelength assignment problem in optical wavelength-division multiplexing networks
      Fast subspace approach for mobile positioning with time-of-arrival measurements
      Power allocation in wireless multiuser multi-relay networks with distributed beamforming
      Transmit beamforming and interference shaping in cellular cognitive radio networks
      Relay selection and beamforming for cooperative bi-directional transmissions with physical layer network coding
      Space-alternating generalised expectation–maximisation-based H-infinity channel estimator for multiple-input multiple-output-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
      Optimal resource allocation for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-based multi-destination relay systems
      Synchronisation-based, multi-channel multi-interface medium access scheme in ad hoc network
      Wavelet-based downlink scheduling and resource allocation for long-term evolution cellular systems

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