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IET Communications

Volume 5, Issue 13, 5 September 2011

Volume 5, Issue 13

5 September 2011

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    • Efficient combining techniques for multi-input multi-output multi-user systems employing hybrid automatic repeat request
      WSNHA-GAHR: a greedy and A* heuristic routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks in home automation
      Reduced-complexity scheme using alpha–beta filtering for location tracking
      Non-line-of-sight identification via phase difference statistics across two-antenna elements
      Improved Markov predictor in wireless networks
      Second-order statistics of a maximum ratio combiner with unbalanced and unequally distributed Nakagami branches
      (k, r)-Dominating set-based, weighted and adaptive clustering algorithms for mobile ad hoc networks
      Power-saving mechanism with delay bound for Mobile WiMAX systems
      Adjustable observation window length equalisation receiver based on H criterion for ultra-wideband in non-Gaussian noise
      Research on low-complexity breadth-first detection for multiple-symbol differential unitary space–time modulation systems
      Optimal power control of parallel orthogonal-frequency-division-multiplexing relaying networks
      Maximum flatness criterion based on extrinsic information transfer charts for symbol mapping design
      Load-balanced differentiated services support switch
      Layered space–time receiver for downlink multiple-input multiple-output multi-carrier code division multiple access systems
      Adaptive switching for multiple-input multiple-output multi-mode transmission in broadband wireless networks
      Robust decoder-based error control strategy for recovery of H.264/AVC video content
      Performance of channel codes in wireless communication systems using efficient simulation

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