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IET Communications

Volume 5, Issue 11, 22 July 2011

Volume 5, Issue 11

22 July 2011

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    • Novel approach to adjust the step size for closed-loop power control in wireless cellular code division multiple access systems under flat fading
      Error-rate performance of uplink cooperative communications with decode-and-forward protocol
      Successive crosstalk cancellation facing the dynamic situation in very-high-speed digital subscriber line 2 systems
      Optimal sub-graph selection over coded networks with delay and limited-size buffering
      Increasing the local girth of irregular low-density parity-check codes based on degree-spectrum analysis
      Error probability-based optimal training for linearly decoded orthogonal space–time block coded wireless systems
      Joint power rate allocation for minimum mean transmission delay in cellular CDMA downlink
      Bypassing internet service provider traffic shaping with peer-to-peer file sharing through deliberate false positives
      Blind frequency-offset tracking scheme for multiband orthogonal frequency division multiplexing using time-domain spreading
      Spatial-temporal fractionally spaced decision-feedback equalisation for fading channels with dispersive interference
      Optimisation of low-density parity-check codes with deterministic unequal error protection properties
      High reliable disjoint path set selection in mobile ad-hoc network using Hopfield neural network
      Blind channel estimation for equalisation in dispersive fading channel
      Performance evaluation of irregular low-density parity-check codes at high signal-to-noise ratio
      Multi-scale direct sequence ultra-wideband communications over time-dispersive channels
      Fair subcarrier and power allocation for multiuser orthogonal frequency-division multiple access cognitive radio networks using a Colonel Blotto game
      Survey of media access control protocols for vehicular ad hoc networks

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