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IET Communications

Volume 4, Issue 9, 11 June 2010

Volume 4, Issue 9

11 June 2010

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    • Editorial: WiMAX integrated communications
      Link adaptation based on repetition coding for mobile worldwide interoperability for microwave access systems
      Cooperative base station beamforming in WiMAX systems
      Capacity-aware linear MMSE detector for OFDM-SDMA systems
      Fairness-based scheduling algorithm for time division duplex mode IEEE 802.16 broadband wireless access systems
      Hierarchical scheduling framework for QoS service in WiMAX point-to-multi-point networks
      Performance enhancement and analysis for IEEE 802.16e/m sleep mode operations with unsolicited grant service/real-time variable-rate connections
      Secure and reliable transmission mechanism for orthogonal frequency-division multiple access worldwide interoperability for microwave access systems
      Resource management to increase connection capacity of real-time streaming in mobile WiMAX
      Basic limits for fixed worldwide interoperability for microwave access optimisation based in economic aspects
      Mobile-Taiwan experience in voice over IP-worldwide interoperability for microwave access trial

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