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IET Communications

Volume 4, Issue 11, 23 July 2010

Volume 4, Issue 11

23 July 2010

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    • Editorial: Video communication over wireless networks
      Opportunistic spectrum access framework for video over ad hoc wireless networks
      Use of optimal wavelet packet decomposition for the long-term prediction of variable-bit-rate video traffic
      Reliable multimedia multicast communications over wireless mesh networks
      Multi-source video streaming in a wireless vehicular ad hoc network
      QoS scheme for multimedia multicast communications over wireless mesh networks
      Reliable transmission of wavelet-based scalable video over wireless networks using cross-layer approach
      Quality of experience-driven adaptation scheme for video applications over wireless networks
      Delay controlled wireless video playout system
    • Throughput analysis of non-persistent carrier sense multiple access combined with time division multiple access and its implication for cognitive radio
      Channel capacity and average error rates in generalised-K fading channels
      Achievable rates with quantised channel state information in a multiple-access channel with one cognitive transmitter
      Estimation scheme of the receiver IQ imbalance under carrier frequency offset in communication system

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