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IET Communications

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2009

Volume 3, Issue 6

June 2009

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    • Editorial: Simulation, analysis and measurement of broadband network traffic
      Analysis, simulation and measurement in large-scale packet networks
      Adaptive wavelet-based multifractal model applied to the effective bandwidth estimation of network traffic flows
      Precedence-enabled per-hop behaviour: impact on TCP and UDP flows
      Application of the generalised ballot theorem for evaluation of performance in packet buffers with non-first in first out scheduling
      Methodology for monitoring and measurement of complex broadband networks
      Challenges in the capture and dissemination of measurements from high-speed networks
      Pathpair: a fast available bandwidth estimation tool with the asymptotic one way delay comparison model
      Measurement of packet loss probability by optimal design of packet probing experiments
    • Multi-scale analysis of generalised processor sharing queues with long-range-dependent traffic inputs and variable service rates
      Differentiated cooperative multiple access for multimedia communications over fading wireless networks
      Robust energy detection in cognitive radio
      Effect of clock offset on an impulse radio ultra wideband ranging system with comparators
      Quality of service constrained throughput optimisation for joint adaptive transmission with automatic repeat request over block-fading channels
      Adaptive RS codes for message delivery over an encrypted mobile network
      Achieving higher throughput in IEEE 802.11 wireless local area networks with burst transmission methods
      Medium access control access delay analysis of IEEE 802.11e wireless LAN

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