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IET Communications

Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2009

Volume 3, Issue 12

December 2009

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    • Multi-channel medium access control protocol with channel distribution for mobile ad hoc networks
      Simple and robust analytically derived variable step-size least mean squares algorithm for channel estimation
      Error rate and diversity order of multinode cooperative communications in dissimilar Nakagami fading channels
      Effective metric for detecting distributed denial-of-service attacks based on information divergence
      Novel web agent framework to support seamless mobility for data networks
      Equalisation of SIMO-OFDM systems with insufficient cyclic prefix in doubly selective channels
      Improving Snort performance under Linux
      Transmission surveillance and self-restoration against fibre fault for time division multiplexing using passive optical network
      Least-squares channel estimation assisted by self-interference cancellation for mobile pseudo-random-postfix orthogonal-frequency-division multiplexing applications
      Towards a universal friendly peer-to-peer media streaming: metrics, analysis and explorations
      Design and theoretical analysis of throughput enhanced spatial reuse distributed coordination function for IEEE 802.11
      Cooperative transmission in wireless networks using incremental opportunistic relaying strategy

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