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IET Communications

Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2009

Volume 3, Issue 1

January 2009

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    • Dynamic resource allocation for supporting real-time multimedia applications in IEEE 802.15.3 WPANs
      Performance of zero-forcing detectors over MIMO flat-correlated Ricean fading channels
      Partial regularisation approach for detection problems in underdetermined linear systems
      Rate-adaptive video streaming through packet dispersion feedback
      Transmit beamforming methods for improved received signal-to-noise ratio in equivalent isotropic radiated power-constrained systems
      Three-dimensional channel modelling using spherical statistics for multiple-input multiple-output systems
      SNR and SINR-based selection combining algorithms in the presence of arbitrarily distributed co-channel interferers
      Accurate modelling of Ka-band videoconferencing systems based on the quality of experience
      Internally coded time-hopping coherent ultra-short light pulse code division multiple access scheme with optical amplifier and its performance analysis using additive noise model
      Quality of service for multimedia traffic using cross-layer design
      Improved parallel weighted bit-flipping decoding algorithm for LDPC codes
      Performance analysis of decision-feedback equalisation for cellular mobile radio with cochannel interference and fading
      Reduced complexity detection technique for layered space time block coded multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
      Packet-loss-robust load-balancing switch with distributed extended cross-point queues
      Cramér–Rao lower bound for data-aided and non-data-aided synchronisation of ultra-wideband signals with clock offset
      Anti-collision algorithm with the aid of interference cancellation and tag set partitioning in radio-frequency identification systems
      Symmetric relaying based on partial decoding and the capacity of a class of relay networks

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