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IET Communications

Volume 2, Issue 10, November 2008

Volume 2, Issue 10

November 2008

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    • Robust chaotic communications exploiting waveform diversity. Part 1: Correlation detection and implicit coding
      Robust chaotic communications exploiting waveform diversity. Part 2: Complexity reduction and equalisation
      New union bound on the error probability of bit-interleaved space–time codes with finite interleaver sizes
      Application-controlled handover for heterogeneous multiple radios over fibre networks
      Maximum-girth slope-based quasi-cyclic (2, k≥5) low-density parity-check codes
      Two-dimensional indexing polynomial-based pre-distorter for power amplifiers with memory effects
      Two incremental relaying protocols for cooperative networks
      Precoding in downlink multi-carrier code division multiple access systems using expectation maximisation algorithm
      Diversity–multiplexing trade-off performance of linear dispersive codes
      Restricting the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing peak-to-mean envelope power ratio by a new set of sequences of length 16
      Communication system model for information rate evaluation of differential detection over time-varying channels
      Trusted virtual machine monitor-based group signature architecture

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