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IET Communications

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2008

Volume 2, Issue 1

January 2008

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    • Editorial: Optical wireless communications
      Recent developments in indoor optical wireless systems
      Two-dimensional binary halftoned optical intensity channels
      Evaluation of coverage area for a wide line-of-sight indoor optical free-space communication system employing coherent detection
      Look-up table error correcting multiple pulse PPM codes for wireless optical communication channels
      Design and evaluation of a high data rate optical wireless system for the diffuse indoor channel using barker spreading codes and RAKE reception
      Performance of differential pulse-position modulation (DPPM) with concatenated coding over optical wireless communications
      Investigation of the baseline wander effect on indoor optical wireless system employing digital pulse interval modulation
      Low-complexity iterative equalisation and decoding for wireless optical communications
    • Redundancy-free and BER-maintained selective mapping with partial phase-randomising sequences for peak-to-average power ratio reduction in OFDM systems
      Supporting vertical handover between universal mobile telecommunications system and wireless LAN for real-time services
      Performance measurement of IEEE 802.11b-based networks affected by narrowband interference through cross-layer measurements
      Traffic scheduling for multimedia transmission over IEEE 802.11e wireless LAN
      Source selection routing algorithms in integrated cellular networks
      EM-based turbo receiver design for low-density parity-check-coded MIMO-OFDM systems with carrier-frequency offset
      Cross-entropy-based method to analyse iterative decoding
      Timing and frequency offset estimation scheme for the uplink of OFDMA systems
      Providing differentiated services in CDMA wireless networks
      Loss rate-based burst assembly to resolve contention in optical burst switching networks
      New fast density evolution method for low density parity-check codes using higher-order statistic
      Tomlinson–Harashima precoding with imperfect channel state information
      TCP-friendly congestion control for streaming real-time applications over wireless networks
      Expanded decorrelating detector with reduced noise enhancement for multipath frequency-selective fading channels
      Performance analysis of dual-diversity receivers over correlated generalised Gamma fading channels

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