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Volume 14, Issue 8, 12 May 2020

Volume 14, Issue 8

12 May 2020

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    • WOATCA: A secure and energy aware scheme based on whale optimisation in clustered wireless sensor networks
      ICI analysis of hyperbolic FRFT-FBMC based on optimal order of transform for Internet of Things applications
      Construction of new codes in term-rank metric
      Security-reliability tradeoff for multi-terminal multi-mode coexisting systems in the presence of multiple eavesdroppers
      Altitude and number optimisation for UAV-enabled wireless communications
      Joint users selection and beamforming in downlink millimetre-wave NOMA based on users positioning
      Channel correlation relied grouped spatial modulation for massive MIMO systems
      k μ shadowed fading and BS heights " >Coverage analysis of dynamic TDD-based downlink mmWave network with shadowed fading and BS heights
      Alternate hybrid precoding algorithm for wideband millimetre wave massive MIMO systems
      BER performance of OCDMA system based on optimised 2D PhC passive encoder
      Traffic modelling of smart city internet of things architecture
      DOA estimation method of electronically controlled beam-scanning LWA based on ESPRIT algorithm
      Secure full duplex OFDM wireless communication based on phase relay between the legitimate nodes
      Algorithm for energy consumption minimisation in wireless sensor network
      Adaptive mesh size (AMS) algorithm for energy efficiency maximisation in underlay D2D communication
      Reconstruction of C&C channel for P2P botnet
      Adaptive modulation and frame length method based on Moore state machine in LTE-R communication system
      4-ary 14/16 modulation code for reducing two-dimensional inter-symbol interference
      Cooperative wideband spectrum sensing in cognitive radio based on sparse real-valued fast Fourier transform
      Optimal bit allocation scheme for distributed detection system with imperfect channels

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